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Hydraulic A ccum u lators.


T-head E, and, through ram D, exert pressure on the water within
A B. The weights being raised to position F, are a store of
potential energy, which may be given out at will through the
pipe B. Water is pumped in at A to raise the ram, by an engine
such as that in Figs. 663-5,/. 682, and the latter is automatically
stopped and started from the accumulator, as required, by the
levers at G and H, struck by the load. The pressure water

drawn at B may now be applied to the driving of machines doing
intermittent work, such as

1.  Cranes upon dock wharves, &c.

2.  Boiler-shop and shipyard tools.

3.  Lifts for hotels, &c.              ,

4.  Swing and other movable bridges.

5.  Manipulation of heavy guns.;

In all these cases the pumping-engine will have sufficient time
between shifts to catch up on the machines, and thus a com-